Create An App With Us: Bespoke Application Development

Our international company develops with main office located in London, for many years and offers you bespoke app creation with great functionality and user-friendly design. Hit all your targets with sensational software!

Rely On Quality Results

Let’s speak a little bit more about strategies that lead to excellent results. The first step is essential, and it is planning. To efficiently create an application that responds to every of client’s request we had to listen carefully what they have to say. Our developers sit and discuss the project with the customer - suggest solutions, set clear objectives and uncover primary aims. This process enables us to guarantee that our experienced app creators provide excellent products in accordance with agreed deadlines and specifications.

  • Customer-Developer Relationships
  • Market Research
  • Development Process

Establishing client-developer communication is definitely one of the essential steps on the way to achieving better results. Close relationships with the customer allow us to work more collaboratively, having better results and a greater chance of detecting faults. We strongly believe that both sides have to participate in the development process to succeed and avoid miscommunication. Our team always keep customers informed of every process and look for feedback. As an experienced company, we welcome customer’s participation but also feel comfortable if a client only wants to attend to crucial points of development. The goal is to create an excellent product and bring it to the top.

A business market analysis is vital in the development process. To produce a competitive project we have to conduct a lengthy research on similar business products and outline the critical perspective. We don’t merely create an app - our experts find the best solution that will work even better in the long run and boost your revenue. As a guarantee to an efficient strategy, we provide all the necessary analytics carried out by certified professionals.

Development is the central part of an actual app building. Our designers and developers are passionate about every project and want to create an IT solution fitting into your budget and corporate image. We provide a broad range of services such as website creation, UX and UI design, e-commerce, integration with existing standard and bespoke software, software creation, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, consultation, QA-testing and post-launch support. Our developers work on PHP, JS and HTML, C++, Swift, Java, using up-to-date frameworks and libraries. Years of continuous work enabled us to enrich your project with technically advanced features and inviting designs.

Bespoke App Design

In current digitally advanced and innovative global market intuitive user interface is a necessary feature . Nowadays most of the online activities are performed via smartphones and tablets. To attract a broader audience to website or application, we must adapt their design to whatever it is used on. Responsive and adaptive designs guarantee product’s efficiency in user experience. The design should be adjusted to any screen size - be it a mobile phone or a desktop computer. It is now central to create your content visually pleasing, mobile friendly and conveniently accessible.

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The Importance Of User-Friendly Design

The main reason to choose a responsive website is that an amount of people who use pocket devices have outnumbered the desktop users. The second reason is the ability to create a competitive software that corresponds to market conditions. Such a decision will definitely gain efficiency, benefit your business in the long run. Sadly, not all companies comprehend how evident is international mobile presence. It is about the time you should start optimising your design before your potential customers opted for a more user-friendly solution.

Vital Importance Of Responsive Design

During the last decade, the use of portable devices has been steadily growing. The majority of the existent internet content is read on smartphones and tablets, leaving computers with much less attention. An efficiently tailored responsive design is a must-have in modern mobile experience. Our success-driven designers have created multiple appealing web solutions for big corporations and recently established businesses. Our IT specialists will make the product appear good on any device.

Optimise Your Workflow

Mobile software is handy and enables users to share information on-the-go and communicate offline, but it also runs a significant risk of corporate data leak. For this reason, our enterprise app developers focus and meticulously work on reliability and security of the product. The elaborately created software provides the usual mobility, facilitates data management and enables access to corporate databases from any time and place users find themselves in. With such an efficient solution, professional teams can always be connected through corporate messengers, contacts and email, having communication from different sides of the globe. We guarantee a better and innovative solution that will keep your business stuff on one page - they can debate on an issue, discuss a potential or current project, take part in business meeting and collect valuable data accessing the software.


It Is Time To Achieve Your Goal

Investing in an application is extremely beneficial for many reasons: you promote your company and content, increase productivity and optimise the workflow. With application launch, it is highly possible to attract quite a lot of publicity and reviews. We offer brilliant service, create a functional interface, intuitive design and close communication. Start developing your ideas with us right now to be on one step closer to success.


Experts In App Development

Our company’s professionals possess substantial experience in business app creation and a broad understanding of the current market conditions. We are always aware of new changes and latest trends on the digital market. Throughout the years we have created a productive strategy of working with clients, discovered the proper approach to customer-developer communication and had produced multiple examples of first-class quality results. We have experienced working on award winning applications, developed for small startups and large established enterprises from all over the world.


Efficient Website Managing

Don’t waste your time on using a variety of different tools to manage your site content. We are capable of building a website managing system that allows to optimise the process, make it faster, easier and less tiring. Custom CMS enhances productivity, automatizes routine procedures and enables you to create relevant content for the audience.

Bespoke Apps For Various Industries

Our team have experienced developing for many sectors, but with a similar purpose - success. We have created the best approach in implementing intuitive design and the latest technologies, such as GPRS, Geotagging, NFC, mobile payments, QR Codes and VR. Our company worked with the following industries:

  • Transport & Logistics;
  • Enterprise app development ;
  • Startup Solutions;
  • Healthcare;
  • Education;
  • Real Estate and Property Management;
  • Messengers and Social Platforms;
  • Finance, etc.

Working with corporate clients takes a considerable share in any company’s development process. As highly professional experts we conduct the research and evaluate what software will fit your business needs and budget. By discussing ideas and realistic possibilities, we create a unique solution specifically for your enterprise. We have tackled the hardest requests such as organising a network for cloud computing or developing a sophisticated tracking system. Our company’s experts take on any challenge thrown at them, no IT solution is too elaborate for our forward-minded team. If you strive for exceptional results, want to establish effective communication and optimise expenses, don’t hesitate and start creating with us!

Nowadays much more classrooms are equipped with innovative technologies. Education is no longer need to happen within classrooms. IT expands learning process by supplying colleges, schools, teachers and student with suitable software. Education is now accessible and engaging. Our applications can track process and encourage further learning with rewards.

Recently the demand for financial advisory services and financial management apps have considerably increased. We create viable mobile solutions that provide many benefits both to advisers and their clients. Our developers supply them with the latest information, up-to-date content and efficient, communicative tools.

Effective Business Approach

Innovative apps are what makes business communication so easy. As you can see, it is not a problem to solve your business issues directly from your smartphone. Enterprise mobile applications embed a functional variety, enables you to be more flexible and quickly respond to ever-changing business environment. It is an essential practical advantage for high-ranking officials and heads of the company because such software allows them to be constantly aware of the latest updates and company's affairs. We can also advise you on other functional features such as making your editing and work with spreadsheets and timetables faster and less complicated.

One of the main benefits of optimised website is the ability to use the same subdomain for the mobile version of your site. As a result, search engine optimisation increases visibility and boosts website traffic. This way, your content will rank higher in the top, which means that with regular content you will considerably gain in customers. That is why developers pay close attention to onsite search engine optimisation opportunities. The more relevant, useful and presentable content you publish the higher you get in search results. Moreover, Google has a particular system when mobile-friendly websites are considered more valuable and show up in search more regularly.

How about accessing web pages without a steady internet connection? Well, our developers use HTML5 markup language that enables us to view web pages offline. This technology goes hand-in-hand with bespoke responsive design. When you start the development process, it is not only about planning, programming, design and testing - SEO, solid marketing strategy, promotion, post-launch support and research take a considerable amount of time and effort.

Our firm’s developers deliver innovative bespoke solutions that enhance your business, enrich functionality and result in successful development products, which are recognised worldwide. The apps we create receive awards and stand out on the global market, increase revenues and add value to the firm. We offer a broad range of services:

  • Tailored bespoke software tools for internal use that optimise workflow;
  • Efficient digital solutions, management and accounting systems automation;
  • Top business apps that store data in hostings or intranet;
  • Automation tools that integrate all corporate data from all apps used by the company into a single database to increase productivity;
  • Integrated applications that upgrade and add functionality to existing software.

Go digital with us

Developing an efficient solution brings your business to a higher level of expertise and pays for itself in the long run. We offer bespoke services: mobile and web app development, UI and UX design, programming, testing and continuous post-launch support. Plan your digital future with us!