Developing A Bespoke App And How Much Does It Cost To Make

Our international company is based in the UK and ready to help you with a top-notch digital solution. Do you have an idea? Let’s work together and produce a first-class result!

First-Class Application Development

We provide best solutions that enhance businesses all around the world and encourage further growth in revenue and audience. Over prolonged years of efforts and discovering best techniques, we have gained a solid background in app development and design for large enterprises and small startup companies. The secret to excellent products is an efficient approach to the making and genuine passion for what we do and how.

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Unlike a couple of dozen years ago, we are now able to benefit from a variety of technologies. Currently, around 90% of the population owns some kind of digital product: smartphones, tablets or computers. Just try to remember how many of your friends and acquaintances have a smartphone. Exactly, most of them. Phone usage has considerably exceeded laptop and desktop computer usage. Smartphones are number one device to browse the Internet on and other mundane activities. We use them to listen to music, read books, play games, socialise and follow a better lifestyle.

With their powerful business growth and productivity enhancement tools, smartphones provide many opportunities. Our specialists know how to use effective approaches to development, which makes applications stand out among other costly products. Although the market is pretty much flooded with sustainable or failing apps, we tend to take clients to the top of the charts. Our trained and talented experts aim at perfection - we program, design, test, consult, manage, decrease costs, optimise and improve the requested digital product till it is polished to perfection.

One of the main policies is maintaining close communication with customers, keeping them informed and involved in the whole process from the beginning to the post-launch services. To prove the efficiency of the approach, we can suggest reading feedback. Moreover, we have a broad portfolio of successful projects that have made to the top of international recognition and brought immense revenues to businesses.

We are skillful in every possible sphere of software development and offer a wide range of services: bespoke app and web development, UX (user experience) and UI(user interface) design, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, HTML, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, marketing consultation, quality assurance testing, decreasing costs with better solutions and many other services. Our developers work on PHP, JS and HTML, C++, Swift, Java, using up-to-date frameworks and libraries.

The multitude of professional achievements and skills enables us to make bespoke IT products for different platforms and industries. We build applications for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPods and Windows Mobile. Apart from making apps from scratch, we also know how to optimise existing products. The goal is to develop bespoke software and increase profit with minimum costs.

Fields Of Development

Throughout years of work, our company had a chance to discover how much does it take to build a perfect solution by collaborating with multiple industries:

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Enterprise services, optimisation of processes within a company, workflow regulation and mistake elimination;

Transport and logistics, delivery services;

Social media platforms, customer and member connection, establishing a better connection;

Cooking apps with how-to-make recipes and food delivery tools;

Medical tools to find medicine or assist in following a healthier lifestyle;

Travel projects with GPS, routes and places of interest.


Low-Cost Entertainment

It is hard to believe, how many people get used to phones so much and fail to realise that they never keep them more than three meters away at any point of the day. Technologies are indeed a huge and indispensable part of everyone’s lives. We use them all the time, to manage day-to-day activities, complete workflow tasks, keep in touch with friends and family, browse the web, watch favourite tv programmes, take and share photos, study and read books, explore your creativity, do shopping, sports, improve lifestyle and health, navigate and entertain yourself. It is astounding how all of these activities are provided by a single pocket device.


Power And Influence Of Modern Era

Unsurprisingly, the wide usage of digital devices put a start to marketing on mobile platforms. People no longer pay much attention to newspaper headers, unless they read them in online mode. Nobody listens to radio commercials. Even TV advertisement is no longer efficient. Who watches TV anyway? Unless you switch it on in the background while updating social media or doing emails. And here is the result - smartphone commerce became the biggest trend. Every business all over the globe tries to optimise their websites for mobile usage and develop bespoke applications.

Apps And Business Growth: How Does It Work?

If you still lack mobile presence, I suggest you start developing now, as the market has already been flooded with digital solutions. Creating native apps enables you to reach a whole new audience. Native apps are made for a particular operating system, such as Android and iOS. These apps are easily accessible. You can download them from app stores, add to the menu or the home screen.

Did you ever count how many times you look at your portable device? The average person does it more than 100 times a day, which means that your tiny icon on the phone screens makes its way into user’s subconscious. This way you can stay assured that customers remember you longer and better than your competitor without an application.

Nowadays, creating a proper application is the same as building a presentable reputation. This is why it is vital to develop an intuitive and appealing design, making user experience entertaining, engaging and friendly. We build quality web, tablet and smartphone products, that elevate your business and bring richer revenues.

Before the start of the development process, we discuss all the details and costs of the future product to prevent any misunderstanding that often results in significant issues. It is quite impossible to give a fixed general price for development services, so we estimate the cost of each of the projects separately. We never sell unnecessary features, set fair prices and make special offers, providing flexible IT solutions. We additionally consult you on legal issues, such as licensing and intellectual property of smartphone creation.

App Functionality

Our professional developers make first-class IT products, without disturbing costs. We build apps for every sphere and activity. We know how to enrich your project and how to embed all the latest technologies like QR Codes, GPRS, Geotagging, VR, NFC, payments and much more. If you still haven’t got to app creation, it is time to start now!

  • Business Features
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email marketing: import data of customers, registered in your app to an email marketing tool to send promotional messages.
  • E-commerce: use it to sell products online, allowing customers to shop and store items in online cart.
  • In-app ads: place advertising banners within the application and make money with every click.
  • Linkedin sharing: add a direct link to your company’s LinkedIn profile within the app.
  • Push notifications: enable clients to learn the latest updates and be aware of any promotions or sales.
  • Twitter: place an icon in your app to allow customers an easily access to your Twitter account.
  • iTunes: an excellent opportunity to share the tracks you play during events.
  • Blog: keep your clients informed of the latest news and share content.
  • YouTube: play videos from your company’s YouTube channel within your app and keep your customers on top of recent news.
  • Facebook: let your users access your Facebook page via an integrated icon.

#009 iPhone Application for your business

Practical IT Approach

Our experts deliver top-notch bespoke solutions to enrich your workflow with functional advantages and make your product recognisable worldwide. The applications developers work on have cost them great effort but in the end were presented with awards added value to the client. We work on the global market and provide a broad range of services:

  • High quality bespoke IT tools to optimise workflow;
  • Tailored digital products;
  • Management and accounting systems automatisation;
  • Efficient apps to store data in hostings;
  • First-class tools to embed all corporate data into a single one database of the company and increases productivity;
  • Integrated features to upgrade and add efficiency to the existing software.

Maintaining A Strong Connection

As a well-established company, we are happy to offer you a period of trial to consider the quality of the provided services and form a genuine opinion on our professional expertise and advice. We are good at securing efficient business-crucial results and always follow a perfectionist approach to the development itself. Besides, one of the main focuses of the company is developer-customer communication. We value client’s feedback that gives us a foundation to improve and be proud of achievements.

Together We Make It Work

One-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist when dealing with application development. We guarantee, during the entire process company’s leading specialists keep close communication with customers, notifying of every change and update on the way. Maintaining these relationships provides a considerable amount of supportive reviews, helps to eliminate mistakes and understand each other better. We decrease the costs opting for a better strategy. Multiple reviews assure users of the company’s competence.

Stay Involved In The Process

As we have established app creation has proven to be beneficial. When you work with our developers, you always get an outstanding outcome. Feel free to communicate your message to us, developers and consultants are available to answer all your questions. We encourage you to establish how much do you want to participate in the making. Whether you want to follow every step of the development or collaborate only on crucial points - let us know! We will have efficient and productive relationships either way!

Post-Launch Support

Although the majority of companies leave their developed project as soon as it passes last stages of testing and receives a strong feedback on the launch, we continue to support our creations. Our talented developers monitor their apps throughout much of its full-time work: experts carry on analysing the market and giving you brand new ideas about productive strategies. We are interested in your success and ready to make it possible to boost your business by providing expert advice.

Professional Developers: Contact Us!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We apply the latest development techniques to deliver web and mobile apps, providing inviting UX and UI, consulting and post-launch support. Now is the time to upgrade your business with excellent IT solution!