Mobile Application Developers

Our team consists of the first-rate mobile application developers whose expertise embraces everything from native (iOS, Android, Windows) to cross-platform (Xamarin, PhoneGap) and web-based app development. Get to know us.

World-Class Application Developers

Our team has collected the mobile and web coders whose shared expertise embraces all IT domains enhancing our capabilities to deliver a full spectrum of services and high level of customisation. We have carefully recruited our 100+ team members collecting the most skilled and talented IT specialist:

  • Java developers and Android application designers
  • Objective-C and Swift programmers and iOS designers
  • C# and C++ coders and UWP developers
  • Software engineers
  • Frontend junior developers (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, etc.)
  • Backend senior programmers (PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP.NET, Perl, etc.)

These people were selected based on their common passion for information technology and willing to bring innovations into our everyday life. They know how to utilise technologies solving business problems, simplifying frustrating processes and making interactions with portable devices enjoyable and engaging. Founded by a group of hardened tech pioneers well-versed in app development nuances, we boast to be recognised as professionals who are perfectionists in design, code writing, and deployment of top-tier mobile applications.

  • iPhone App Development
  • Android Developers
  • Windows Mobile

We are a team of matured iOS developers who are ready to help businesses to navigate through all the challenges connected with mobile application development. Experienced iOS specialists help to build successful business models around iOS software so that they could generate revenue, optimise their internal operations, and enhance interaction within the company and outside it. From ideation to engineering, coding, designing, and submitting on the App Store, dedicated iOS application developers accompany our clients increasing the chances of the project success. We have built world-class iPhone applications meeting needs of ambitious startups and established enterprises. To ensure that our software for Apple devices takes your company through the path of success, we have hired and trained a proficient iOS designers and developers. These people will help you to navigate Apple restrictions and personalise the user experience seamlessly passing the review stage.

Having a strong team of Android application developers, we help organisations to make fully customised applications which enable users to make data-based decisions, more efficiently interact with people and company representatives, and run businesses in a completely different way. We deliver Android software ensuring that it is aligned to the connected mobile ecosystem focused on customer’s enterprise. We make the business apps ensuring that they make a difference improving the productivity through optimised organisation of workflows and business processes. Besides, Android is known to be a leader in the mobile operating systems market with the largest audience all over the world. We will be happy to make your corporate information accessible from anywhere but yet secure. Our developers assist businesses to reach this mass audience increasing the brand awareness and recognition.

Windows app developers have learned to create outstanding mobile solutions for the Microsoft’s reimagined operating system, enriching customer experience and keeping interactions between the users seamless and personal. Via smart Windows applications, developers deliver tools for efficient collaboration, rapid communication and consistent connectivity with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. We strive to boost staff interactivity, provide potential customers with rich experience, and create a borderless enterprise world served with mobile technologies. Being proliferated desktop operating system, Windows also has a lot of promoters among mobile devices, especially tablets. With the latest upgrade of the platform which leads to the unification of the application development for Windows 10 device family, our developers and programmers will be happy to assist you in crafting software solutions which comprise desktop and handheld computers.

Android vs. iPhone App Development

Native mobile app development ensures the opportunity to benefit from the hardware and operating system at the full extent delivering superior user experience but it might become a heavy investment and not every company can afford to build native applications for all major platforms at once. Then the question arises which platform to choose at first. There is no right answer for this question, and even if you consult with a developer, you should be ready for the biased opinion as far as Android developers will insist on going mobile with their platform while iOS programmers will keep talking about advantages of iPhones. That is why making a choice between these two the most popular platforms make allowance for different factors starting with demographics and up to the speed to market. Pay attention to those which will help you to meet the desired goals.

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Android has the largest market share serving billions of users and dozens of brands including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and others. It embraces South America, Asia, and Africa predominating in lower income areas and developing nations. iPhone users are used to be believed having higher income, being loyal to the Apple products, and spending more per app, with iOS platform prevailing over Android in North America and Europe. Nevertheless, among Android users, you can also find those characteristics.

Monetisation Models

The revenue strategy employed in these platforms applications usually associates with Apple and Google approaches. For instance, in-app advertising is typical monetisation strategy among Android programs, while initial purchasing cost is more common for iOS applications. Of course, both ways to monetise your software solution can be incorporated by a professional developer in any of these platforms. Nevertheless, it is about users’ expectations. People who use Android devices didn’t use to pay for the application without trying it, while iOS users didn’t use to tons of ads which interrupt their activity within the program.

Release Cycles

Being an open-source platform, Android operating system is pretty often locked down by brands which employ the platform. Android devices fall short of adoption of the latest OS version comparing to iPhones and iPads, that is why it can be difficult to target all the users who are on different versions of the operating system putting off the update. When it comes to iOS users, the majority usually are on the same version which came out the last. This means that iOS developers can focus on supporting the latest versions of the platform and still reach a broad audience, while Android developers have to keep supporting all versions of the operating system. In the end, this continuous support of older devices increases testing and development time.

Enterprise Apps

iOS devices gained a reputation of business gadgets supplanting Blackberry being enterprise-wide deployed. Comparing with the other existing operating systems for mobile devices, iOS platform is known to be the most secure option with more sophisticated tools for managing its devices and software. Apple also provides a number of programs focused on businesses, for example, iOS Developer Enterprise Program. And they also announced a partnership with IBM for enterprise applications. Besides, iOS prevail over Android in the tablet market, especially among business users.


Mobile First Strategy

We eagerly take promising app ideas and convert them into successful applications via the mobile strategies based on developers’ experience. Being a reputable mobile application development company, we create cutting-edge software which runs on portable devices and encourage businesses to keep to the mobile first strategy in web development as well. This strategy refers to the giving priority to the designing web software for portable tech gadgets over desktop PCs and laptops. Starting with constraints of mobile platform its smaller screen and slower processors it is easier to ensure great user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Such approach takes place due to the growth of the Mobile Web consumption and trend of the on-the-go Internet surfing. Besides, mobile first strategy enables developers to take advantages of the technologies available for the portable tech gadgets and access their GPS, data-collecting and audio & video assets ensuring fast loading web pages on smartphones and tablets.


What Platform Fits Your Business Needs?

Targeting both platforms simultaneously may be time and cost prohibitive. Considering demographics, cost and time to market criteria developers generally advice to build an iOS app first. If you have a look at early-stage startups, you will see the tendency to start with iOS platform and further move to Android. As many influencers are on iOS today, iOS apps have a wider coverage in the press. But of course, if your target audience is focused on Android devices, it makes sense to choose this platform first, especially when it comes to developing nations. Also, if you need full control over hardware and software elements, tapping into Android which provides mobile application developers with greater customizing capabilities is more reasonable.


Cross-platform app development

One of the ways to deliver an application that runs on all major platforms is to apply to cross-platform software development. Numerous tools enable developers to build flexible and nearly native applications with a shareable code base that can be transformed by developers to run natively on a number of different platforms. Such solution also has disadvantages which result in bigger app file size, overhead, and slower performance. Our development team has experience of work with cross-platform development tools, and we know a thing or two about the most popular technologies which we can utilise building your application.

PhoneGap vs. Xamarin

PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is a framework that enables developers to work with one code base building applications with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, and other frameworks. The app built with the PhoneGap framework present a collection of HTML pages wrapped into native app shell with native APIs. Such approach to the development makes PhoneGap apps lighter-weight but less native. For example, access to the devices’ capabilities is quite limited with geolocation, camera, and local database. The look is also not native due to Web UI. While mobile apps built with a Xamarin software generate more native apps with platform-specific interfaces. This tool compiles the code base with native APIs of each platform. Xamarin apps win when it comes to the native experience and launch speed. Our developers have excellent C# and .NET programming skills being fully capable of accessing native capabilities as well.

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We can tell you more about our coding skills and software development tools we utilise to achieve the desired results. Just let us know if you got interested in the mobile app development services. We are welcoming amazing IT ideas and concepts and will be happy to start a new tech project overcoming the challenges and looking for the appropriate solution.