What you need to know before starting your website

Why do you need a website? Because is a must have nowadays, it is a way of getting online a way of staying in contact with your actual customers and is the less expensive way of getting new clients. You might need a website for promoting your business or to sell your products online or for a hobby that you might have and you want to let others know about your passion. So if you are thinking about starting a website, well you are in the right place! What i want to say is that taking action is one of the most important step towards success and you already did that. I will do my best to take you throw every step of creating a website and in order to help even the very beginners i will try to explain everything at a basic level with a lot of print screens and videos, this way everybody could fallow up.
Ok so you might be wondering yourself how to start making a website for you or for your business and start earning a passive income ?
This is what i will try to teach you:
  1. How to do a keyword research.
  2. How to look and buy a proper domain name for your website.
  3. Hosting, what is it and which one is the best.
  4. What kind of website do i need and how to install WordPress, Joomla or Magento.
  5. Configure your plugins, built your website category structure.
  6. SEO (search engine optimization) or how to rank your website higher in SERPS.
  7. How to blog or how to write content that your users want.
  8. Social networking and spreading the word about your website.
  9. How to monetize your website.
  10. Security, backup and restoring your website.

After reading each part you will have a big picture about what having a website is all about, what are the monthly costs and what you should expect from your website.