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We deliver full-cycle development services which enable us to create first-class IT products. We bring revolutionary change in the way our clients run their businesses and function in the market. As far as we know how crucial to find a reliable IT partner for your software project development, our company has been working hard to gain the reputation of a trustworthy service provider. For over seven years we have been delivering result-driven IT products of the highest quality.

  • From Concept to Working Application
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Programming
  • Mobile Applications

As one of top software development companies, our team has a solid expertise in turning app ideas into successful digital solutions. We have built over hundred of custom mobile and web applications and love to undertake challenges in programming and designing software products. Software development services we provide include:

  • Code/Data/User Experience audit;
  • IT Strategy Development;
  • Business Analytics and Competitors Research;
  • User Experience Mapping;
  • Software Product Roadmapping;
  • E-commerce Platforms Construction;
  • Agile/Waterfall Design and Development;
  • Enterprise-Scaled Software Solutions;
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Frontend and Backend Programming;
  • Data Visualization and Management Systems;
  • Cross-Platform and Hybrid Development.

Considering the impact of mobile technologies on the modern life, frontend development is getting more and more about responsive UI design and intuitive UX on a range of devices encompassing both desktop and mobile gadgets. The company strives for ensuring high user adoption rate. Frontend designers uses optimized UX methodologies delivering a well-balanced blend of visibility, flexibility and control. With the help of high-quality client-side code, programmers enable customer companies to establish long-term relationships with their target audience and stakeholders. An eye-catching design and interactive clickable layout increases conversion rates. We provide comprehensive navigation foreseeing how clients will interact with our digital products. With world-class front-end developers, we take advantage of all client-side scripting languages, such as markup HTML5, stylesheet CSS3, and dynamic and object-oriented JavaScript computing languages.

If your goal is a business-driven and highly-innovative web application to increase productivity and optimize business processes, you need a company with expertise in server-side coding. Our company is a premier software development service provider who delivers complex IT solutions of the world-class quality. The company’s success track of records proves the technical expertise and unrivaled commitment to client’s ideas we obtain. Whether you need to supplement in-house resources with trusted developers to deliver complex project component, or you need IT experts who will integrate the emerging technologies with existing IT infrastructure of your company, or create a result-driven and multimedia software environments, you can rely on the expertise of our software development company. The Web not only provides businesses with effective promotion channel but also help to boost productivity with the real-time access to work. Mastering such technologies and computer languages like PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET and others, our IT company will help you to benefit from the Web capabilities.

Driven by enthusiasm for information technologies and continuous progress of users’ devices we were happy to get started with mobile app development. The idea of creating amazing and profitable mobile solutions for customer companies encourage us to deliver top quality products that transform client’s organization into a prosperous mobile enterprise. Whether you need to improve the existing mobile app or launch brand new applications on all major platforms, the team of competent mobile developers will be happy to share their skills and expertise with forward-looking entrepreneurs. We craft superb user experience for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch), Android (smartphone, tablets, Smart Watch), and Windows Mobile operating systems. We build impressive native applications with Swift, Objective-C, Java and C#. Our access to native integrated development environment (IDE), such as Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio let us take advantage of all native features via APIs and other software development tools. Furthermore, we can provide you with a hybrid (PhoneGap) or cross-platform (Xamarin) solution to span all mobile operating system with a shared code base.

Experienced Team at Your Service

The company’s development team will become an extension of yours specifically designing and developing digital products that meet your particular requirements. We have experience of work with multiple business domains and industry verticals and will be happy to use our experience in future projects.

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UI/UX Design

Talented and creative design department create unique user interface layouts and user experience models which ensure intuitive and user-friendly exploration of your mobile application or web program. With the end-user in mind, designers create a desired long-lasting impact ensuring smooth human-computer interaction. We design immersive UX helping users to adopt the solution faster and seamlessly. The team of experienced UI and UX experts create out-of-the-box solutions tailored to the program character and purpose. We also think of translating your business identity and the ability of the application to promote your brand improving its recognition on the web and mobile markets.

How We Design Your Software

Designing software products, we take into consideration multiple factors that influence the outcomes, which include your requirements, company image, target audience, software purpose and others. Utilizing Axure, Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator we create several layout designs from scratch and demonstrate their clickable versions via inVision making sure, you can participate in the design process and choose the one you think fits you more.

Quality Assurance

First-class software development companies should deliver Quality Assurance services. We integrate stand-alone QA services in our development process. Thorough analytics and meticulous testing enables us to deliver the highest quality of software solutions we deliver to customer companies. Based on proven methods and backed with reliable QA strategy we ensure flexible and rigorous testing which enables us to provide clients with top-quality software deliverable. The committed team of QA engineers renders a full-cycle quality assurance support. We start with forecasting of potential challenges that may occur during the development and build a software architecture so that developers could overcome them and eliminate serious bugs. Every development stage is kept testing. Numerous testers ensure bug-free user experience.

Outstanding Testing Services

Company’s QA engineers have an average 6+ years of experience and over hundreds of successfully tested software solutions. A custom approach to the testing enables us to deliver exclusive quality as we pay special attention to the features and project aspects which are crucial for a particular situation. Besides, documentation of every step of the development enable us to see the initial reason of the bug and eliminate it in the future. While tight collaboration between testers and developers ensures quick response to any bug.

SaaS app Development

SaaS (software-as-a-service) application development implies that your software will be accessible for a high user load. SaaS solutions are available via a web browser like any other web applications and can be browsed from any place. This is what we are talking about when thinking of the perfect model to deploy a business application. If you have ever dealt with Google Docs, Workday, Salesforce, then you know what is SaaS about. With a SaaS application for customer offerings, you can create new revenue sources, or provide your employees with an internal tool increasing the efficiency with a centralized information and management. Professional developers assist in bringing innovative ideas to life and capitalizing on them.

Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based technologies empower programmers to create all sorts of software solutions including databases, architecture services, and virtualization. Our team of developers knows how to take advantage of both public and private Paas (platform-as-a-services) providers and get you ready for a transition to the cloud. We help customer companies to leverage Amazon Web Services, Google, Windows Azure and others PaaS. With a cloud enabled application, your company will be able to introduce agility, cost savings and speed-to-market. We can offer you cloud-empowered data management and analytics system to lower operating costs, mitigate risks, reduce errors and improve decision-making practices. Just approach us with your business challenge, and we will help you to tackle it through right information technologies.


Core Principles

  • Collaboration. We care about what you think. As far as software development is a collaborative process, your participation is critical for us. We start with determining what type of IT product you need, the way it is supposed to operate, what needs it should fit and what business processes should be involved.
  • Scalability and Flexibility. At the same time, developers keep in mind your company's future expansion and growth, making our products scalable and flexible for further modifications.
  • Transparency. As far as our development process is split into several steps, we ensure timely delivery of all pieces of software we work on, and hence make this lifecycle transparent.
  • High Level of Satisfaction. Client’s satisfaction is our primary goal. Each delivery is accompanied with client’s feedback and developers response if it is required. We strive to meet the requirements and exceed expectations.
  • Speed and Quality. When it comes to business, time and quality are those aspects that can help you to leave competitors behind and attract more customers. We know that and will be happy to assist you in achieving your goals.

Let’s Build Amazing Software Product

Our company transforms innovative ideas into custom applications which make a difference and improve the efficiency. Software development services empower business to work in a different way and take advantage of modern technologies. Our team of experienced and skilled developers will be glad to get started with a new project, so don’t hesitate and contact us to tell about your app idea.