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We develop awesome software solutions: mobile and web apps, intranet and extranet portals, social platforms and integrated complex systems for your business efficiency!

Our services

As a reputable UK software development company with a team of skilled and experienced experts in different IT areas, we provide a full range of services for both mobile and web solutions. Our team counts over 60 in-house developers and designers who can realise any innovative idea that came to your mind. We have created numerous software solutions for both large and small organisations not only in the UK but also from all over the world. We love solving challenging problems and transform the solution into business apps and software systems. The expertise in technology usage helps us provide businesses with a competitive advantage and efficiency. Whether you need to improve customer service, increase productivity, or streamline and automate processes, we can create smart and sophisticated software solution for you.

  • Mobile Business Applications
  • Web Software Solutions
  • Intranet and Extranet
  • Bespoke Database
  • Third Party Software Integration

Our UK-based development team includes skilled mobile app developers competent in building business apps for smartphones which run iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Taking into consideration that UK and European customers more and more often prefer their mobile devices to access the Internet instead of desktops it is a right time to invest in a mobile app if you want to grow the brand awareness and engage users with an interactive, fast, and empowering app. Mobile app not only allows to reach the target audience worldwide but also provide access to your company information and services at non-traditional working hours.

A Little Bit of Statistics

According to Deloitte survey for 2016 smartphones have the greatest “commercial and societal impact” unlike any other personal devices. Their UK Mobile Consumer survey shows that:

  • 4G adoption doubled to 54% in 2016;
  • The majority of respondent have downloaded about 20 apps;
  • 69% of UK smartphone owners use apps daily;
  • Two-thirds of UK adults have access to a tablet
  • And half of UK adults had access to at least one type of connected entertainment app.

Gained experience and professionalism allow using all the benefits of operating systems we work with and the mobile devices as well. Software developers not only bring to life your mobile app ideas but also suggest expert tips how we can make it even better. For instance, Google source for insight in digital marketing, Think with Google, says that exclusive and bonus content can increase user engagement within the app in 24%, while discounts and coupons in 33%. We know this and many others tricks how to make a business app popular among users and will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Our UK-based development company is exceptionally good at developing secure and productive web solutions with cross-browser compatibility and responsive UI design. Using web technology we can provide you and your employees with access to the mission-critical, relevant information from anywhere. Whether you need to collect real-time information, perform complicated calculations, automate analysing and reporting process or do anything else to improve the company's productivity, IT specialists will deliver you a flexible, scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective web solution that matches your needs and requirements. Our company can help to streamline the internal process, increase the efficiency of remote staff, and improve customer experience.

Web apps

Having a website isn’t enough to build a strong online presence. But if you build a web app implementing an empowering functionality and interactive elements, site visitors will probably stay longer on the web page and come back more often. A web application can be created for both internal and external usage depending on what task it should perform. It can be a social-networking application for managing the staff and setting tasks within the company in a prompt and efficient manner helping the employees to stay focused. Or web development team can develop a web app that would help your customers to have access to your services. For instance, if you collect and analyse information for your customers, we can develop a web app that will present to your clients customised reports and perform any other functions you would like to implement. The main advantage of a web app is that it doesn’t require storage space as it can be easily accessed from any browser including those on mobile devices providing an intuitive user experience on any screen sizes.

Web programmers build intranet and extranet platforms that can empower you with control over a range of company information letting you securely manage, share and communicate the important data internally between the employees and externally between relevant people such as business partners, vendors, and customers. Whether you need an intranet within the company or extranet which provide a secure connection with selected business partners and suppliers our development team can build for you both of these private business networks to improve the communication and collaboration with people within and outside the company. Our company has experience of developing such efficient and cost-effective environment and know how to provide you with a secure interaction system that accelerates the workflow, keeps staff organised, increases the productivity.

CRM System

A bespoke managing tool such as customer relationship management system can help you to reach and engage your customers on a completely new level. Our UK agency develops scalable CRM systems which don’t ask for separate licenses for each new user. Our development team customises your CRM solution transforming the way you communicate and interact with the customers improving the operational efficiency and increasing customer engagement. Our software development company will bring all the information you spread across numerous office tools into a single system providing access to all relevant employees and eliminating unnecessary duplication and hence errors. Such system can provide a single synchronised source of data to your marketing, services, and sales departments.

If you process a lot of data every day, and look for the way to make it organised, processed, and managed in a customised manner, then you might be interested in creating a bespoke database that will simplify and streamline the workflow driving business efficiency. Software engineers can build an intelligent database that will not only store your business data but also process it the way you need from data sampling to automated reporting. When you feel that spreadsheets and Access databases limit your effectiveness, you can always rely on our services. We will help you to build the database that enables multiple users to access and update the information at the same time, carry out real-time reporting, simply and quickly analyse data in visual graphs.

Many companies used to use some third party software to deal with their everyday operations but as far as it off-the-shelf solutions they may lack some features or be unintuitive. If you one of such company and is unable currently to abandon the software you and your employees use due to some financial or any other reasons you still have the option to design a custom software with integrated third party systems. If the program provides access to its code, developers can implement it to your bespoke software solution and personalise it according to your requirements. Unfortunately, such option is available only in case if program’s architecture was initially designed with the opportunity to make further implementations and changes. However, as professionals, we can rewrite the program making its architecture more scalable for growth, adaptation, and customisation.


Bespoke software development

Being a top agency among other software development companies in the UK we gained a reputation of a reliable business partner. Since the foundation in 2010, the company has been collaborating with numerous industries delivering exceeding any expectation software solutions. The thing that makes us special is our approach to every project. We equally value and enjoy developing every app idea using mobile and web technologies. The most talented and skilled developers, designers, and project managers implement agile methods of work ensuring that app we make will fully satisfy clients’ requirements. The thing that really matters to us is a customer satisfaction.


More Than Just Programmers

Our UK software firm isn’t just a team of developers and designers who simply write code. We are your personal business consultant. Our development company also has business analysts and experienced project managers who worked with numerous business projects. Having such expertise, we are happy to share it with our customers. The development company starts the work with thorough analysis of your business challenges and problems. Based on your ideas and data the company collected during the analysis we suggest you the most effective software solutions that will increase the efficiency for sure. Only when we come up with the business solution that perfectly fits your business objectives and budget, software engineers start developing a scalable program with robust architecture designed with the opportunity to grow in prospect.


UK Mobile and Web App Developers

Based in the centre of London, our company delivers software programs that exceed the highest expectations. We are looking for out-of-the-box solutions which make a difference and add value to the business. If you approach us to develop a web application, you can be assured that we will design a responsive web system which looks and feels well on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. Designers will adapt menu and visual elements layout to fit any screen size. In the case, if you are looking for mobile designers in the UK, working with us you receive first-class mobile app development services. We create a well-thought-out business plan behind your mobile application focused on user experience. The development team strive to make it simple enough to be user-friendly, engaging to attract and retain your customers, and fast to meet the demands of this mobile and busy world.

Hire in-house London developers

We are one of a top software development companies in the UK, and we gained a stellar reputation delivering first-class software solutions to national and international businesses. Whether you need to create interactive and engaging user experience reaching a global audience or want to optimise your business processes improving overall performance, the development team will become your dedicated assistants helping you to benefit from today’s technologies.