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A web design and development company based in London, UK, and with offices in several cities around the world, we specialises in an impressive range of services, from website creation, design, application and bespoke software development, for desktops and mobile devices.

Bespoke Web Designers in London

As a bespoke web design company in the UK, we provides a wide range of tailored services. From a simple, but eye-catching, brochure website to complex and multi-functional web applications, our designers can find the right web solution for you, turning your ideas into reality.

We have worked with various industries in the UK as well as worldwide. Here are some examples of the industries which our web design projects have covered:

  • Finance
  • HoReCa
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare and many others.

Our team of software engineers, architects, and designers, work together to create exceptional technological solutions, which help promote your business, increase its brand awareness, drive sales, and improve your client’s loyalty.

  • Our Approach - Mutual Partnership
  • Our Success
  • How have we been able to achieve this?
  • The Difference between Websites and Web-based Apps

An online presence is essential for your business growth. Your product ought to be a high quality, attractive, informative, user-friendly, and functional platform, which reflects your brand integrity, identity, and reputation. Therefore we study your business carefully, and create a tailored strategy, which meets your commercial objectives. With years of experience in building quality online solutions for both internationally recognised as well as small local UK companies, our premium software has added value to our clients’ flourishing businesses.

A mutual partnership with the client is central to us. To us you are our respected business partner, with whom we establish and maintain long-term relationships.

Our team of devoted, friendly, and creative specialists are always glad to help you with advice.

What is a key measure of a developer’s success? There are many merits with which one can evaluate a company. Indisputably, accomplished projects, previous success, and recognition form a big part of the reputation of an IT company.

With a simple Google search, you will find that our development team ranks high among the top search results for UK web designers, app developers and other IT specialists in the UK and worldwide. We are respected for our previous accomplishments, experience, and successful projects.

Our beliefs lie in the fact that your website is a valuable representation of your business through which your clients perceive you. By means of our rigorous planning, comprehensive strategies, bespoke services, and thorough testing, we design and develop a product that exceeds your expectations and help grow your business.

Perhaps the notion of a “web app” can be confusing. An layperson looking at a web page can hardly determine whether it is a website or web-based app. Classic internet sites are corporate blogs, promo-sites, and landing pages. Examples of web apps are Google Maps, Google Docs, and Webmail which provide advanced capabilities and user interactions. Web sites mainly present the information to the visitors, while web apps are responsible for data processing and more complicated tasks.

Among the features of modern websites, structured with HTML5, are:

  • Responsive web design;
  • Interactivity and rich user interface;
  • Broad functionality including audio and video players integration in browsers;
  • Offline mode with HTML5 Local Storage;

Web-based apps are more complex. They are focused on some complicated task, like sampling and analysis. Besides, it can do complicated calculations, implement database sampling and work with data mining on the remote server.

Features We Can Integrate

With us you can allow your imagination to travel far and wide. Be sure that we are able to turn your ideas into reality.

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In addition to many other features, we can integrate a content management system (CMS), that allows you to update your content whenever you need it, according to your growing demands. An easy-to-use CMS (content management system) helps you to change your site content anytime you need it. You can update pictures, add, edit and delete information, contact information, product description or any other content - you will do it without web coding knowledge in a simple and intuitive site administrative panel.

Social Media

Social media is a significant part of marketing campaigns, which helps to increase awareness of your business activity, services, and products. Integration of social media into a website design is one of the savviest ways to showcase your business and boost your website traffic. We can offer you the following ways of social media integration into your site:

  • Social share and follow buttons;
  • Social login that widens users opportunities;
  • Social videos to make your site more engaging;
  • Instagram photos;
  • Social proof;
  • Social-based comment system.

One of the standard approaches is to integrate the existing social profile of your company to your website. If you have no social media presence, we will create several variants for you. There can be company profiles for the most popular social networks, like LinkedIn, FB, Pinterest, Tw, Instagram.


Your domain will be able to provide more information to the local users based on their geolocation. With usage of API Geolocation, GPS and IP address recognition, our web designers will teach your website to recognize users geographic positioning and provide them useful local information. For instance, let them know about local promotion actions, visualise travel routes to your office, and show nearby events.

Drag and drop

We can allow visitors to move various elements across the screen, placing them in different areas, whether it’s icons of products, images, files or other data.

Data storage

For data storage realisation, our developers can use both Web Storage API and Indexed Database API. Work with this two APIs allow our web apps to process the information accurately, store it and transfer from remote servers to the user’s computer in a secure way.


Benefits Of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

1. Cover the ever-growing audience of smartphone users.The number of mobile device owners is huge, and that is the primary reason to optimise your website for mobile use.

2. SEO advantages.It is common knowledge that Google gives preference in search results to websites with mobile-friendly designs over websites that do not have a mobile version.

3. Stand out among the competition. Be ahead of your competitors by attracting existing and future users of mobile internet.

What Kind of Website does Your Company Need?

A mobile-friendly website is a must for any business who wish to reach out to as many customers as possible. If your site is accessible from mobile devices, it means that you are visible to all the smartphone owners, whose number is close to 3 billion people worldwide. So what is the right approach to web design for your business to take advantage of? Let us explore the benefits of mobile-friendly web solutions.

If you just want to denote your online presence and tell people about your business activity, we can design you a simple, informative or brochure-like site, which will tell us about your company, products/services, customer testimonials, promotions and campaigns. It can work as a promo-site, catalogue, or blog.

Whether you are a huge corporate with a chain of shops, or a self-employed entrepreneur with exclusive hand-made products, our UK web designers can help you sell your products online. Our team has already gained a great deal of experience in the ecommerce industry, with successful online shopping projects. From scratch we can create for you a comprehensive and engaging page, with all the relevant functionalities, such as a user-friendly purchasing system and easy to navigate categories.

If your work in the service industry that requires booking tables, rooms, events and much more or scheduling an appointment we can help you to do it via the Internet 24/7. With a properly-designed website, you can manage your business. Whether it is your staff or services you provide, appointments or events, confirmations or reminders - you can easily deal with all of them via your PC or any mobile device. We can also integrate a purchasing system to allow your customers not only to book but also to pay for what they have booked by PayPal or credit cards.

User- and Mobile-friendly Design

Key Design Trends

Statistics report that more and more people use their mobile devices to go online. More than 40% of sales is carried via mobile devices. All in all internet consumption via smartphones grew by 78%. These figures should prepare you to the fact that more than half of your site visitors can find you through their smartphones. That is why a mobile optimisation of your website is important to us and besides, Google has already included mobile friendliness as a core ranking factor, hence mobile-friendly websites are higher in the Google search results and closer to your visitors.

UI/UX designs

Make your website both look and perform at it’s best with our talented UI/UX designers. Websites should be attractive and appealing. If it has a good user interface design, with amazing visual effects and graphics, it will catch your visitor's attention, and make them navigate it with ease.

Attractive is not enough

But attractive design, without usability, and intuitivity doesn’t work. A combination of UI and UX designs is what makes your site successful.

With user experience design we make a usable, intuitive and user-friendly design that is easy to navigate and in combination with amazing user interface design that makes users return to your site.

Responsive design

Responsive design is what makes websites look good on any device. A responsive designed website adapts the layout to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing. For example, in a smartphone, images become smaller, content boxes are stacked one below the other in one column, and the site navigation is achieved via a single menu button to make it easy to read the text and use the functionality of the website on a tiny, vertically-oriented screen.

Advantages of Responsive design

The fact that now people mostly browse the web from their smartphones and tablets rather than from their desktops has forced developers to shift focus to responsive design.This also has a positive impact on SEO, because it is based on a single code adjustable to any device and helps avoid duplicate content issues.

This is a perfect choice for businesses who have a limited budget and want to develop a content-rich web platform, where users will have the same experience no matter whether they access it from a desktop or a mobile phone.

If you are a large online retailing enterprise or a big media web company with substantial financial capabilities, adaptive design will be the best option to deliver a great user experience.

Whether you wish to redesign or build one from scratch, we can create stunning responsive websites, with ease of accessibility, which all serve to boost traffic to your site.

Let’s talk!

Our in-house UK team are experts in web design. They strive for the best goals, and constantly adapt new technologies to implement them in your innovative and cost-effective web solution.

  1. Attentive
    • We tailor a unique software solution for your business, whilst paying close attention to detail.
  2. Skilled and experienced
    • We have expertise in many industries and work with numerous technologies to achieve better results.
    • We have expertise in many industries and work with numerous technologies to achieve better results.
    • We learn about your business objectives and find the best ways to meet them, to help you grow and succeed.
  3. Aimed at efficiency
    • Our team masterfully creates an impressive tool that engages your audience, paying special attention to UI/UX and mobile-friendly design.
  4. Trustworthy
    • To us you are our respected business partner, with whom we establish and maintain long-term relationships.